from the founder.

many things in life make me happy, but above all my love for family & friends is what gets me up in the morning and leaves me with a smile when I close my eyes at night - as I'm sure is the case for so many of us.

mix the above, with a touch of doing what you love, a dash or two of food & drink, a glorious setting in the English countryside and a roaring log fire* - completes the list of ingredients for happiness in my life. *for seasonal adjustments, substitute with blooming bulbs for spring, luscious green trees and a shimmering lake for summer and crisp, crimson leaves for autumn. as you can also tell, I have a fondness for dogs - one in particular and the apple of my eye - Keavie, our resident Beagle.

at VintageB Crafts, we believe even the smallest things in life can bring happiness and each product in our store comes complete with a touch of love and a drop of happiness.

ingenuity through craft is all about creating something different, whether it be giving new life to an old piece of furniture on it's last legs or adding a vintage guise to something uniform and new.


Nathan Young VintageB Crafts Nathan Young VintageB Crafts Nathan Young VintageB Crafts


we are grateful & delighted that you've landed here, and we look forward to packing up your purchase and sending it on to its new, loving home.

best wishes,
nathan young.
founder & creative director at VintageB Crafts